About Me

Coach E.

Eric W. Dunston

Hi there, meet Eric Dunston a.k.a. Coach E. He’s the founder and Master Trainer of Physique Improvements Virtual Personal Training. Eric’s passion is to be fit and help others along their fitness journey. Eric has over 40 years in the industry having done bodybuilding competitions for 10 years. (1981-1991). Helping family and friends with fitness and health.

Following his competitive days he got married, now happily for over 28 years. His wife Michelle is also a fitness coach focusing on nutrition for pre-diabetics and fitness for women over 50.

They enjoy traveling and volunteer work in the deaf and hard of hearing community. They have no children, no pets just each other immediate family and exercise. Eric’s a sports fan of professional American football and basketball. He enjoys a relaxing evening with a great game or good movie. Gotta be flexible.

His goal with fitness is to stay consistent and use his knowledge and expertise to assist his contemporaries, those over 50 years old to accomplish their fitness and health goals.

He’s been certified in this industry through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) for over 12 years, now as a Master Trainer. Over the years he’s come to learn only a little is needed to get the results most people need with exercise. 

In his personal fitness routines exercising is 30 min or less. From weight training to cardio or recovery exercises nothing goes beyond 30 min. 
Eric’s fitness programs guide anyone to achieve their fitness goals through Autonomy, Identity and Direction (AID) Once AID is achieved goals succeed. It’s what keeps Eric consistent.

Eric takes delight in being a Personal Trainer, because he wants to be in your corner as your friend and supporter. Physical training is beneficial for a little. So let’s do just enough and see results.

Contact Coach E. to discuss your fitness needs.